New Neuroscience

Kernel Sound ID decodes your brain activity and within seconds identifies what speech or song you are hearing.

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A new era of neuroscience is here

Kernel's Neuroscience as a Service (NaaS) gives you on-demand access to our world leading brain recording technology.

Mainframes → PCs

$1B genome → $1K

The brain is next

What's measured can be improved

  • Happiness

  • Brain health

  • Wellness

  • Human

  • Learning

  • Biomarker Discovery

  • Education

  • Attention

  • Emotion

  • Focus

  • Cognitive assessment

  • Rehabilitation

  • Meditation

  • Human potential

  • ML/AI Improvement

How it works

Our team of PhDs:

    • Kernel follows principles set forth by
      U.S. federal guidance on human subjects research

    • Protocol development and review

    • Facilitation on the Independent/Institutional
      Review Board (IRB) approval process

    • Participant recruitment

    Design studies
    to meet your goals
  • Deliver immediately actionable results

Unparalleled neuroscience

  • Non-invasive and safe

  • We have built two brain recording technologies:

    • Kernel Flux: MEG

    • Kernel Flow: optically powered, fMRI-like

    Industry leading signal fidelity
  • Full head coverage

  • Real-life environments

  • Peripheral support

  • Longitudinal capabilities

  • Full Software Processing stack

  • Scale and speed

  • Enable population-level statistics

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Jumpstart your imagination

Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.- Voltaire


Wouldn't it be amazing if there were as many global headlines about new levels of human improvement as we see with technology? What else are you capable of?

Autonomous Cars

Will neural data sets guide the algorithms that will one day drive our cars?

Fong, R.C., Scheirer, W.J. & Cox, D.D.
Using human brain activity to guide machine learning.
Sci Rep 8, 5397 (2018).


Brain Health and Drug Discovery

We draw our blood to assess hundreds of biomarkers. What will the brain-based biomarkers of the future look like?

A human-like voice assistant

Neural data sets can guide machine learning, pushing the cutting edge of ML/AI.


It's hard, and does anyone actually get it right? Quantification of meditating brain activity may level us up.


We know each of us learns differently. What if quantifying and customizing lead to paradigm shifts?


Documentary FilmI AM HUMAN

Kernel was featured in this 2020 award winning documentary.

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